Advanced Techniques in guided bone regeneration

3 Day Program  -  18.5 CPD hours

Friday 9th September 2011 – Sunday 11th September 2011
At Novotel Hotel – Brisbane Airport and
The Australian Institute of Dental Education and Research (AIDER)


Program Objective

This course is developed for dentists and specialists with experience in implant dentistry and aim to expand their knowledge and clinical skills in the field of guided bone regeneration surgery. The unique program structure combines interactive lectures, live-surgeries, hands-on workshops and sessions with clinical demonstrations on patients.


Dr Sven Knoepel, Medical Director of The Australian Institute of Dental Education and Research

Dr Dimosthenis Mantokoudis, The University of Queensland

Dr Stephen Robinson, The University of Queensland

Dr Rino Burkhardt, Switzerland

GASID invited Dr Rino Burkhardt as keynote speaker. Dr Burkhardt will present the latest science about micro surgery in guided bone regeneration and will demonstrate his clinical concepts in case presentations and in a live surgery. The workshop will give to the participants the possibility to enhance their surgical skills under the lead of Dr Burkhardt.


Program Venue

  • The lectures will be held at the Novotel, Brisbane Airport.
  • A multi-screen set-up allows the simultaneous projection of multiple speakers for the delivery of an interactive lecture mode between the lecturers and also the audience.
  • Live-surgeries will be broadcasted from the Australian Institute of Dental Education and Research (The AIDER).
  • A purpose built institute hosts 7 surgeries, a surgical theatre with a 4 camera set-up and a TV-studio allows the simultaneous transmission of the surgery.
  • The unique head-camera of the surgeon allows to the participants the exact view of the surgeon.
  • Microphones will enable the interaction between the surgeon and the audience.
  • An on-site CT-scan allows the interactive planning and the post-surgical evaluation.
  • Hands-on workshops and clinical sessions will be held at the Novotel and the AIDER.
For further information please download the Program Brochure by clicking on the pdf-icon below.

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